10 Mouth Watering Jaipur Food You Must Try

Jaipur which is also called as pink city of India is located 260km away from new Delhi.people here come to visit all the historic forts and palaces.it is a very beautiful place to visit.people here not only come to see the forts but also to eat the famous food of Jaipur.mainly the food of Jaipur contains a lot of curd,ghee and dry fruits.the food of Jaipur is spicy and very delicious.apart from the famous rajasthani food which Jaipur offers you also get different types of Indian cousins.there are too many of best street food in jaipur which are famous but in this article I mention you the top 10 most famous food in Jaipur and the places where it is available the best.


daal kachori is a spicy dish which is made with the help of lentils it is a very crunchy dish which is deep fried.this dish is one of the most preferred dish by Jaipur people.tourist who come to Jaipur should definitely taste them.the one of the best place where this dish could be eaten by you in Jaipur is at amber misthan bhandar.you will never find such a superb taste of kachori in Mumbai.


ghewar is the most famous sweet of Jaipur which is made from sugar syrup,oil and flour.in Jaipur this dish is specially made by the people on teej festival.this dish has a lots of varieties like malai ghewar plain and many more if you like eating sweet dish a lot you should then eat this dish once if you visit jaipur one of best place to eat this ghewar is kanha restaurant.


aloo pyaz ki sabzi is a dish which is made of potato and bejad roti is made from chickpeas and barley flour.this combination of aloo pyaz ki sabji and bejad roti is a very awesome combination and you will love it a lot.and being.the rotis are not only tasty but very healthy.the place where you should try this sabzi in Jaipur is mahaveer rabri bhandar.you will not get such a awesome taste of this sabzi at any other place.



pyaz kachori is a fried snack which is filled with spicy onion fillings.these kachori are awesome i had them once the taste of the kachori is very balanced and you may definitely like this wonderful kachori.


the other best kachori of Jaipur is mawa kachori this kachori is sweet in taste and is made from mawa those people who like sweet food should try this. the best place for getting both this kachoris is at rawat misthan bhandar.


In this dish you get special rajasthani daal, bati which is a bread made by wheat flour and choorma is made of ghee and sugar the combination of this three is mind blowing you will definitely love eating this dish.the best place to eat this dish in Jaipur is at chokhi dhani. so definitely try this traditional dish of Jaipur once.


Laal maas is a dish which is made from meat.it is a very spicy dish for all those non vegans this the the best food option to try in Jaipur.you will enjoy this dish a lot as this dish has a lots of wonderful flavors that enhance the experience of eating chicken. The best place to eat this dish in Jaipur is at 1135 ad.



mirchi vada is made of potato stuffed in a mirchi it is a very spicy snack and is served with tomato sauce this snack is a very good option for a simple starter in jaipur it tastes very good.the best mirchi vada in Jaipur since long time are available at kanji sweets and restaurant.if you are in Jaipur you should try this dish in this restaurant once.


rajasthani thali is a full meal which consists of 3 to 4 types of sabzis then salads,papad,roti,rice,dal and many more things.these thali have a very unique taste in Jaipur.this thali will give you some new experience of food tastes you should try this thali in Jaipur once at virasat restaurant.


kheema bati is a dish which is made from meat and is deep fried.this dish is a good non vegan dish this dish looks like dal bathi but it contains meat in it you would enjoy this type of non vegan dish as it is unique you get the best keema bathi in Jaipur at spice court restaurant.


Pepper chicken is a dish which contains chicken mixed with some spices this dish is a very good option of starter to have this dish is usually eaten either with naan,roti or rice.there is place called moti mahal dhaba in Jaipur where is creamy pepper chicken in available.so if you ever visit Jaipur you should definitely try this chicken dish once at mahal dhaba.


Jaipur being best place to visit is also a best place to eat as it has the best rajasthani food available.the food served here is still made from the tradition way due to which the taste of the food has not at all changed.tourist love eating food in Jaipur.those people who love a lot of spicy food have a good variety of options available from them out of which some of them i mentioned such as mirchi vada,laal maas and many more are there which i dint mention there are also good option of sweet food items i mentioned like ghevar,daal bhati churma,mawa kachori and many more.so at end i would like to say that this place is best to explore new spicy and sweet food.