10 Mouth Watering Kolkata food you must try

Kolkata, that is also known Calcutta is the capital of the Indian states of west Bengal. Kolkata is also famous for its Kolkata food and its rich cuisine. Calcutta is on the east side bank of hoogly river, Kolkata is also called as education center of East India. Kolkata in 2011 had a population of 4.5 million and the 14.1 million in the suburb which makes it the third most popular metropolitan area in India. Kolkata is very famous for its West Bengal food (Bengali food) and Indian street food. people visit Kolkata to try some of its best street food out of which my top 10 foods are as follows.

1. Roshogolla – Place: K.C. Das & Bheem Nag

Kolkata is very famous for its roshogolla. It is the most preferred sweet in Kolkata. I had once eaten rosogolla from Kolkata and can clearly say that there is no match for this rasogolla they are so soft and juicy.  the best place to eat this sweet in Kolkata is k.c. das and bheem nag they have a specialty in rosogolla if you ever go to Kolkata you should not miss this sweet.


2. Sondesh – Place: Nakur Nandy

Sondesh is a sweet which is made from paneer and is covered by almonds, saffron and pistachios. Sondesh melts immediately as you keep it in your mouth you will have wonderful experience eating it. This dish will be loved by anyone who eats it. tourist who come to kolkata try this dish very often one of the best place to get this tasty sondesh is nakur nandy.


3. Chanachur – Place: Ujjala

Chanachur is a spicy mix of certain dried ingredients. Once you eat it you will not stop eating it Bengali people love it a lot. it is a bit spicy one and those who love to eat spicy type of food should definitely try this. chanachur is available at many places but the famous place which you should prefer in Kolkata is ujjala. The tastiest chanachur is available over here.


4. Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry) – Place: Golbari

Kosha mangsho is the name of mutton curry in Kolkatta. for all non-veg eaters this is the best option to eat. this dish is served with rice, puri and parathas. The meat in this dish is so soft that you will love eating this in kolkata.The dish tastes amazing I can’t even describe it here. The famous place in kolkata where this dish is made is golabari.


5. Chicken Kabiraji Place: Mitra Cafe

Chicken kabiraji is a chicken dish which is made from, bread crumbs, ginger-garlic egg and minced pieces of chicken, this snack will fill you up for a while. This dish is the best chicken dish in Kolkata. one of the famous place where this dish is available is mitra cafe. This is one is preferred for non-veg lover and do try other north Indian food they offer.


6. Tibetan Food – Place: Territi Bazar

Kolkata is very famous for Tibetan food. Kolkata has a great taste in this food this food contains a goat, chicken items and is very delicious to eat. this food is available in Kolkata at the territi bazar one should experience such food.


7. Chelo Kebab – Place: Peter Cat

If you ever ask people of Kolkata they will suggest you to try chelo kebab. It is a platter which contains mutton steaks along with chicken kebabs and is served with steamed rice and veggies.The platter looks awesome and also taste awesome the place where you can eat this platter in kolkata is at peter Cat. it is very famous for this kebabs.


8. Mughlai Paratha – Place: Basanta Cabin

Mughlai paratha is stuffed with egg and minced meat.It is the most mouth watering dish of kolkata.This kind of parathas will make you fall in love with paratha. In kolkata you can eat this type of parathas at basanta cabin a very famous place for this. it has been seen that visitors love this food item in kolkata a lot.


9. Kochi,Torkar & Jalebi – Place: Maharaja/Maharani

Kochi, Torkar & Jalebi is a combination of three items together which contains sweet, spicy and salty flavours together.it is the best combination which you would enjoy only in Kolkata the famous places to eat this great combination are maharaja/maharani. One should try this combination as it is something different.


10. Phuchka – Place: Vivekananda park/ Dharamtala

Puchka also known as Pani puri by us is the most loved snack by us. Even though Pani Puri is famous as Mumbai best food but at Kolkata, you will get a bit different taste which will be loved by you a lot.  Kolkata people eat this dish a lot. the famous place which they prefer to eat this dish is Vivekananda park. So whenever you visit kolkata you should try a bit different puchka over here. Even kids in kolkata love this dish and your kids may also love it.


Kolkata has a wide variety of food and is also known for its taste there are many more food items you can taste but out of them, this ten are the best. Kolkata has maintained the taste of its food. If you are a food lover and if you want to discover some new tastes and food items you should definitely visit Kolkata once. All these top items are best but rosogolla is what I love the most and I think that these type of roshgolla will be not found by me anywhere else. so this is what I think and I would like to know more about the food in Kolkata which is best so if you know such food which I have missed in my top 10 Kolkata food list you should let me know them.

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