Box8 Honest Review From A Foodie

Ever felt lazy to go to the Hotel to have your meal, your dinner even when you have got seriously hungry. At such times, you must have felt what if your favorite food just came to you at your house to get eaten. Well, in the last 7-8 years, all this has become very much possible. There has been an emergence of apps on the play store which caters to this demand. The main motive being to deliver your favorite food to your home at any time you desire, without any extra charges, and wherever you are. Some of such apps have become popular among the masses, like the Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda etc one more addition to this list is the BOX8 app.

Company Info

Box8 is an on-demand food delivery company which was started by Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta in the year 2012 in Mumbai. At that time only these two people worked, in a rented room. But now the employee strength is about 1200 and has over 60 outlets in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Box8 centrally control all aspects of the food ordering process, sourcing raw materials, preparation and then delivery. Every day around 12000 orders are clocked with them. This makes Box8, the fastest growing food start-up in the country.


Box8 Operations

Consumers mostly order food via their play store app for Android and iOS, which is GPS enabled. But also from their website which detects the location of the customer and link the person to the nearest outlet. Depending on the choice of the customer, either it is delivered to the said address or the customer picks it up from that nearest outlet. They have availed many payment options to us; we can pay via one of the many credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash on delivery, and digital wallets like mobikwik, Paytm etc. They also have introduced the Online Payment on Delivery option in the last few months.


Box8 Offerings

Box8 specializes in Indian cuisine. Their menu has expanded now to over 100 food items in about 8 categories. The categories are Fusion Box, All-in-one meals, Biryanis, Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Desserts, and Ice-creams which are 100% natural. The Fusion Box is a 5 layered box in which all the items of the meal are conveniently arranged in boxes, which is catering to the modern consumer. The All-in-one meals have about 12 varieties, some of which are Dilli Rajma for rs168, Chole Tikki for rs188, Paneer Makhni for rs228, Chicken Overload for rs258 etc. The price range of the Fusion Box meals is from rs148 to rs238.

My Experience and Opinion about Box8

I have ordered food from Zomato and Swiggy before, now when I heard about Box8, I decided to try them too. One reason is that the first offer is free, that is, with a minimum amount of 300rs, when I paid, I got a discount of 150rs and the other 150rs I got back in my Box8 account, which I could use for subsequent orderings. I ordered the Shahi Paneer Biryani for rs228 and my favorite Gulab Jamuns for rs68. There were lots of tenderly marinated paneer cubes in the biryani, because of which, it was just so very delicious to eat. Even the Gulab Jamuns were very tasty, as I had tasted many varieties of them before elsewhere. They were soft and I tried them when warm, just melted in my mouth. One more offer I liked is that they have a Buy 1 get 1 free scheme, which is applicable only between the 4 pm to 6 pm timings. I tried that too, simply amazing it was. I availed these 2 offers from the website. It worked just fine.

The next few orders I made from the Android app of Box8. I ordered the Superfit Paneer Salad for Rs 208. I got some grilled low-fat paneer pieces, drizzled with low calories garlic yogurt dressing and vegetables. When I tasted it, just awesome it was, I felt like I was experiencing something new in the salad category. Not to forget the fact that it came to me delivered neatly arranged in a tightly closed box kept in a Box8 branded handbag. I noticed one thing that for all the orders I have placed with them, the Delivery to me was done inside 40 minutes every time; just about fulfilling their promise of 38 minutes food delivery to us. A couple of the deliveries literally came in 20 minutes. One of the Deliveries also was valid at 11 pm, the time at which it came to me when I had ordered at 10:30 pm. And for all the times, they didn’t call me midway to ask for the accurate address, just came to my doorstep correctly. The box8 customer care has been known for their world class support.

The Android app of the Box8 also runs very smoothly in my mobile, there were no lags, crashes; it was also secure from the payment point of view. Good job people. Even the Chicken Cheese Feast Sandwich for rs208 was very much tasty. The chicken pieces were topped with the special sandwich sauce of Box8 and cheese. Truly, I have not seen this level of customization from any other food delivery apps, even the Foodpanda. Day by day I liked Box8 more than the other established food delivery apps. Box8 also offer the option of giving Party/Bulk orders. For that, they have given an STD number to call them and customize the order as you want. This is also one more unique feature of Box8.




Must say that Box8 has been a true revelation for me. Now I am using only the Box8 app for my food orders. Besides me, even the rest of my family have liked the food from Box8 very much. I will surely recommend Box8 to you all. With a strong delivery network, varied, unique and tasty menu, reasonable and cheap prices, timely delivery; Box8 truly rocks. Do read about our chennai food round up here.
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