10 Mouth Watering Food in Chennai, You Must Try!

Capital city of tamil nadu which is Chennai is very main part of south India.in Chennai there are both vegan as well as non vegan people. Chennai has a very good culture of food and has a very wide variety of food items.The famous food in Chennai is liked a lot by people in Mumbai as well as all tourists going to Chennai.mainly many of the food items eaten in Chennai have rice and coconut oil in then as their ingredient.the food of Chennai is personally loved by me a lot.In this article, I will give you the list of 10 most preferred and recommended the food in Chennai and also names of famous places to eat those food items in Chennai.Chennai has a bevy of its share on the street food market,chennai famous street food game is one you should always look after.


Kuzhi paniyaram is made by making a batter of pulses and rice and later steaming it.This dish is available in 2 types one is sweet and other type is spicy one.the spicy kuzhi paniyaram has green chillies and saute onion.this snack lasts for a long time.the best place in Chennai to eat this snack is at grand sweets and snacks. You should once try both the variants of this dish from this place.i like spicy food so I loved the spicy variant sweet one is also good.


Kothu parotta is a non vegan dish which is made from meat, eggs and salna.there are two types of kothu parottas first is chilly kothu parotha and other is muttai kothu parotha.this dish will be enjoyed a lot by all the non vegans as it has their favourite ingredients in it.the best place to eat this kothu parotta in Chennai is palmshore.  I suggest you to try both the types of kothu parottas as they are awesome.and you would like to have more.


Puttu is made from steam cylinders of rice on which layers of coconut oil are there.this dish is mainly eaten by the people as a breakfast dish.this dish tastes very good with seafood, banana and chickpeas curry.the best place to eat this breakfast dish in Chennai at prems graama bhojanam.



Bisi bele bath(hot lentils rice) is a dish which is made from rice, toor dal, spicy masala, vegetables and many other spices.It is a very spicy dish.if you like rice dishes you must try this dish once in Chennai it’s an awesome dish.the best place to eat bisi bele bath (BHATH) in Chennai is annalakshmi.


appam is a dish which is made from rice and coconut milk.there are many types of appam palappam, honey appam ,egg appam and many more types.this is a very good breakfast snack and tastes yummy.Chennai is very famous for this appam the best place to get this appam in Chennai is virudhunagar.


Mysore pak is a popular sweet dish in Chennai which is made from ghee,flour and cardamom.This sweet is the most amazing sweet that you will find in Chennai.it is very soft and melts easily in your mouth.you must be eating this sweet in Mumbai but you must try it in Chennai.the best place to get this sweet in Chennai is sri krishna sweets.


idiyappam is made from rice flour converted into noodles form.this dish is also a breakfast dish.you can eat this dish with egg curry,fish curry,meat curry and potato curry.you would like these dish a lot at maplai.so you should try this unique dish of Chennai whenever you go to Chennai.


sundal is a popular south Indian dish which is prepared with chickpeas and coconut oil this dish is mainly made in Chennai during some poojas.it is a very health and a very spicy dish.the best place where you can eat this dish in Chennai is on streets at murugan idli shop.you will find the tastiest sundal over here.if you love eating spicy food you must definitely try this dish once.


murukku in Tamil means twisted so murukku is a twisted snack which is made from rice flour ,urad dal flour and many more ingredients are mixed in it.it’s a crunchy snack and you will enjoy eating it.there are many places in Chennai where this twisted snack is available but the famous place to get this snack in Chennai at grand sweet and snack.the murukku here is awesome.


chicken chettinad is a dish which contains chicken mixed up with some red chilies,coriander,cloves green cardamom,ginger garlic,cinnamon and many more things.this is the most delicious chicken dish.you will enjoy the flavors of this dish very much.Chennai is very famous for this non vegan chicken dish.there are many places in Chennai where you get this dish but the most famous place to eat this dish in Chennai is at maplai.


Chennai is a very good place to discover delicious food items.the food of Chennai is liked by everyone.mainly people of Chennai use rice as their main ingredient.Chennai has both spicy and sweet food. I only mentioned top 10 food s of Chennai but Chennai has more good foods items like payasam,kozhukkatta, puliyogare rice and much more. all the food items which I mentioned in this article are made in Chennai since a long time. so hence I conclude from this article that you should once visit Chennai to taste the food of Chennai which is made from generations. I am sorry if I would have missed some more best food items in Chennai and if you know any of them then please help me know then and also know the places to get them.