10 Mouth Watering Pune Food You Must Try

Pune is the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the ninth most popular city in the country. Situated 560 meters (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau. Pune is the place which was once in 18th century ruled by chatrapati shivaji maharaj. Many people come to visit pune so as to see the old buildings built by the king. People also come in search of the famous food at pune. The most eaten food in pune is the traditional food as it has the best taste the people often come to visit pune to taste this traditional food. Often due to change in culture there are many more new famous food items in pune that are mostly eaten and recommend to people. Here is the detail of top ten foods most preferred and recommended by pune people and the places where it is found. These are some of the best street food in pune we have found till now:-


open-roasted, either grilled or shallow fried piece of meat, chicken, fish or vegetable patty which are served with shredded cabbage, french fries, carrots, tomatoes, french beans etc is a dish called sizzlers which is, served on a metal or stone hot plate, kept on a wooden base People who love eating sizzlers should visit Yana awesome place to eat and dine with your loved ones. Many people come to pune only to eat these sizzlers at yana.the ambiance of the place is very nice. The taste which this sizzlers have will be not found by you anywhere. The location of this place in pune is gold adlabs mall which is in kalyani nagar.


Misal is a popular dish in pune misal pav is made from moth beans and it is spicy the gravy is topped with chivda and paav is given with it. People love misal as it is a full meal. In pune people usually eat their misal from bedekar as it has got the best taste. Bedeker is 50yrs old restaurant and is a small and hygienic place. You also get sabudana vada, potato vada ,kokam sharbat and butter milk. You should visit the place so that experience the old famous misal in pune located in shagun chowk.

Maharashtrian thali at Sharvaree / Shabree / Durvankur / Sukanta

Maharashtrian thali contains certain the certain traditional food eaten by Marathi people which contain rice, dal, vegetables,fruit and certain sabjis. Pune people mainly eat thali as it is their favorite and traditional food. These thali has a very delicious combination.sharvaree and shabree located at 1199/1A FC road on corner of ferguson college.sharvaree is famous for thalipeeth and shabree for its thali. Another famous place is durvankur where thali cost RS 175 and is located on tilak road hatti ganpati chowk and the last is sukanta by the riverside in Deccan which is close to Z Bridge off JM road in Pune, and here the thali costs only re 150..


Pithla is made from besan and tastes best when eaten with bhakri made of jowar.pitla bhakri thecha is the best combination.In pune you can get this combination at singhad fort it is most loved by the visitors.so take the best experience of pitla, bhakri, thecha on sinhagad fort.


South Indian cuisine includes dosa,medu vada,idli etc .In pune people mainly prefer three places first is vaishali which is located at shivaji nagar.this restaurant is not only for south Indian food but also for other dishes available here price factor is average then a few km away is roopali which also best for south Indian you can even try thali here it is 55yrs old the coffee here is also famous.and the last is wadeshwar is located at thorle bajirao peshwa road this is oldest breakfast hub and only provides south Indian.people who come to pune should definitely eat south Indian at this places.



an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal.In pune people favorite place for eating sandwich is marz-o-rin located on M.G road .you also get pizza,burger,pastries etc over here whenever visit pune try sandwich here.


Vada pav is a deep fried potato patties with coriander and some spices served inside bread. Vada pav is the most liked dish by everyone in pune as it is cheap and tasty famous place to eat vada pav in pune is josh which is located opposite balgandharva rangmandir.if you have cravings of vada pav in pune then eat at josh wadewala.


Aabacha dhaba located near kulkarni petrol pump is famous for dum biryani.they also have lots of meat based dish people of pune prefer this place for biryani a lot.there is no match for this biriyani.


Pune has most of maharashtrian population which loves seafood a lot the famous place which they prefer is nisarga which is located in karve road.this place has a great ambiance and is special for malwani dishes people craving to eat sea food in pune should visit this place and the other place is rahul is also famous for seafood the taste of seafood is best and fish lover should try this place.


Kayani Bakery Shrewsbury biscuits are the most amazing biscuits.along with this biscuits you also get many more things to eat over here . Located at East Street, camp/MG Road, Kayani Bakery is one of the oldest and most famous Bakeries in Pune  kalyani also offer coffee-biscuits and wine biscuits other than shrewsbury biscuit .so if you visit pune go to kalyani bakery once.
So all the food listed and explain above are the famous food in pune. Visitors specially come to pune to have some of these food like pitla bhakri and techa, misal pav,sizzler,shrewsbury biscuits as these food is best available in pune at listed place.specially maharashtrian people will love the food pune.so I suggest all visitors of pune to visit this places.



So all the food listed and explain above are the famous food in pune. Visitors specially come to pune to have some of these food like pitla bhakri and thecha, misal pav, sizzler, shrewsbury biscuits as these food is best available in pune at listed place.specially Maharashtrain people will love the food pune. Also checkout our Mumbai edition of street food.